Chrissy Barnacle EP

by Chrissy Barnacle

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Hailing from the grimey shores of the Clyde I've come to sing you songs..

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released August 14, 2013

Music and Lyrics by Chrissy Barnacle
Mixed and Recorded by Stephen Tiffoney



all rights reserved


Chrissy Barnacle Glasgow, UK

Chrissy Barnacle is a singer-songwriter hailing from the grimey shores of the Clyde whose yearning and often fantastical lyrics are brimming with turmoil and optimism.

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Track Name: Fawn Heart
These crosshatched fragile strings, cling like desperate lovers cling,
To one another in the dark, to create my little fawn heart
As mighty as it's immature, it's just weak from lack of use but put it to the test you'll find it could be from a lions breast -
I know i'm good for greater things, I know have the capacity I've been, saving up this space for you between my weakest spot and skipped beats
Took me a week to learn to walk - 15 years to loose my spots but many years with no sign of love, i'm really starting to doubt myself but

Now i'm ready, oh yes, i'm ready to be real!
Now i'm ready, oh yes, i'm ready to be real.
Make me reel, and make me feel.
This will be terrifying and magical.

Lead astray by simple things, I always blame my anxieties
I cut my ties and just lay waste to, anything that could've been and
I hypothesise as I lay awake at night that - this just takes some time, I just need to ease my mind
But I feel wearied in your arms, I am not strong - perhaps I am a fawn heart after all?

What if i'm not ready, oh what if i'm not good enough for this?
What if i'm not able, oh what if i'm not pure enough for this?
Maybe I was just born this way and there's nothing I can do to fix it for you,
Were I in your position I would go and find a lion heart less scared to utter words like "love" to you.
Track Name: Change
I get a seasonal rumbling in my bones!
It starts in my cheeks and works itself, all the way down to my toes
Every synapse in me - every white blood cell!
They're all whispering, what a din!
But I hear clear, what they say.

You must change, change, change.

I'm not sure I can really say I tried fight it off
After all who'd we love to loathe more than ourselves!
And when my bed's empty - who can I blame?
In the morning the window was open and on the spring breeze I can hear them chanting...

You must change, change, change..

Count with me, the centimeters
Between our whiskey-loose limbs tonight
Have I ever been good for a comitment?
Fortunately that's not what you have in mind..
In mind..

I feel it in my bones, down down down..
I hear them calling for me, down down down !
I feel it in my bones, down down down..
I hear them calling for me, down down down!
Track Name: Alright. Enough.
As the sun, hit the ground and things started to warm up
Back when thoughts of you, they would bring me comfort.
Back when I, yes I was, I was something you wanted
Oh when I, yes I was, I was something you wanted.


Alright, alright, enough enough!
I am alright, alright, enough enough!

You wrapped yourself around me as we lay atop the sheets,
You would whisper to me, warnings that I should heed like
We are.. We are all made.. We are... We are all made of
Stars! Stars!

But it's not even you,I just get so alone...
It's not even you, I just get so alone..
So alone! So alone!
Track Name: Jackets
I see you walking through the hall
You smile a little, maybe nod as you raise your arm
I'm not sure if you mean it, but it looks like a greeting
And with you I've learned to take what i can get

I guess you must be headed home,
I pause a second just to picture you out in the cold,
With your gloves and your scarf on, and your cheeks a frosty pink storm
As you pull from your pockets, the keys to your door..

And I wonder what's it's like to unbotton your coat
And I wonder how it'd feel to wear your scarf around my throat
And I wonder if your skin is as soft as it seems
And I wonder if you know how I feel..

I imagine how we'd talk,
You are different here, and so am I.
Yes it's cliched and foolish, but it's safe and lacks commitment
You're the perfection distraction till I get out of here

So I let myself drift back to you,
I know you've got someone to call your own but
You're humming "Earth Angel" as I trace your freckles
In the sweetest of dreams that I could ever have..

You're just across the line from me,
Just out of my fingertips reach!
I'll never know you, you'll never know me!
I'll never know you..

But as I burrow down into my own head
I find myself deep in your arms
And it calms me down, it calms me down
Yes it calms me down...

You're perfect where you are,
Yes you're perfect where you are,
Yes, you're perfect where you are,
Where you are.. Where you are..
Track Name: Ghosts and Cigarettes
I stand beside you outside of the bar as you,
Smoke the ghosts out of your cigarette
My hands are stinging it's an awfully cold autumn but the air that i'm breathing is warming my lungs!
The scent it reminds me of formative kisses, hidden secret round the back of my house,
I know I could kiss you, yes I could physically do but I'm scared what might happen if I took you home so I don't..
So I don't... Don't.. I don't!

So I walk home alone and see singular stars,
Caped in the vapours warmed by my heart.
It's the coldest of nights that the ghosts will come out,
Tearing and seathing right out of my mouth.
My foolish footsteps still echo in time, I was different then I thought I was a fire.
I have as many ghosts as mistakes I have made and on so many streets I am haunted by them..
My ghosts, my ghosts.. Ghosts!
My ghosts..!

And it makes me sick! To think of myself!
Back in their beds, with all of the things - that I could have said and all of the things that I should have said..
But I thought I could trust you!
Yes, I thought I could trust you!
Track Name: Nightride
Count the seconds, count the shadows creep along the wall
My jumpers on, my shoes in hand and I'm headed for the door
Down the stairs I rattle the keys, working at the lock!
Till I retrieve my heart from the place where I hide it dawn till dark.
On my sleeves and beneath my feet my heart and peddles rightly lie.
As I'm shrugging the scrutiny of sporadic headlights passing by!
As my heart quietens down wet pavement sounds are all I hear,
Passing through my towns boundaries I let out a raw lupine cheer!


Wearing my cloak of hopefulness I steal away from my right of mind,
To meet you again, at 2am, on the corner of Calder Drive.
You're here first, you always are, your edges blur with nervousness
Where you lighter flicking on and off illuminates your nervous fists
I guess I could say I understood, you've got a little more to loose but the purpose of these night rides is there only me and you!!

So we'll play safe now,
Go in slowly,
Brick by brick we'll build this house!
Till we can live our, sick, suburban dreams...

But now you're kissing other boys,
It makes me yell and makes me cry,
I know you've made up your mind, but stil you ask "Can I see you tonight?"
Well I don't know just what to say, you're the last good thing about this place!
Though you'll maintain you don't like my "type" when we kiss swear I shudder to life!

But this will be the last time!
This will be the last time..
This will be the last time!
This will be the last... time.